Pizza the Alton Brown Way


2 thoughts on “Pizza the Alton Brown Way”

  1. Great videos!

    I always thought if your dough “sprung” back into place as you are trying to stretch the pizza it meant you didn’t knead it long enough… Guess I was wrong.

    I’ll definitely give this method a shot sometime.

    1. Yeah, it can actually mean quite the opposite! It can mean that you either kneaded too long and the gluten is very very tightly wound up (let the dough rest for longer on the counter to rest that stressed out gluten network.) Or it could mean that you’ve just pulled it out of the fridge and haven’t let it come back to room temperature – cold dough will generally snap back on you. Or, finally, it could mean that the flour you are using has an inappropriately high protein content for your application. For instance, if your pizza dough always tries to snap back on you, and you are using a high protein bread flour, maybe try using 50/50 bread flour and AP flour. This will give you less protein in your dough, which will result in a looser gluten network, which should equal less spring back. Does any of this sound likely in your specific scenario?

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